2019 Spiedie Fest: Balloons, Friends, & Spiedies; both Salimida’s & Lupo’s!!!

With Rob Salimida and a Salimida Spiedie!

With Rob Salimida and a Salimida Spiedie!

With Steve & Sam Lupo and the whole Lupo's Team!!!

With Steve & Sam Lupo and the whole Lupo’s Team!!!

And so it begins! Lupo’s vs. Salamida Spiedie War! Which one is better & why?

In the Otsiningo Park my brother designed Binghamton was rock n’ rolling again tonight! Even though updrafts & a questionable atmosphere kept the balloons from taking off (a couple were tethered for a bit), there was an amazing celebratory spirit present! Jefferson Starship was amazing, fun, & very talented and brought the house down! Thank you to all Law Enforcement agencies & officers for insuring our public safety at this event! Outstanding organization, planning, & execution by David Pessagno! Salamida Spiedies were awesome! Lupo’s tomorrow & who knows maybe even a balloon ride too!

CLICK HERE for all of the Lupo’s Spiedie Pics!!!

CLICK HERE for all of the Salimida’s Spiedie Pics!!!

Part 2 of Day 1 of the 35th annual Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally … more pics… Jefferson Starship… I love the diversity of fun, talent, & people of this event & OUR Greater Binghamton, aka The Triple Cities, aka Endicott, Johnson City, & Binghamton COMMUNITY!!!

Balloon Rally & Launch at 7 am Saturday! WOW, look at this signature, special, & creative Balloon! Do you know or care to guess what it is?

There she (or he or it) goes!!!

CKICK HERE for Video of the Balloon Launch!!!

2019 Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally! About 30 balloons rallied and we had us a Spectacular Balloon Launch at 7am on a calm, tranquil, & beautiful Saturday morning in Greater Binghamton, New York! How do you pick only 30 pics to post? Country Day at Otsiningo Park with Tessa Victoria at 4:30 pm & Hunter Hayes at 6:30 pm! Hope to see you out there celebrating the Balloons, The Spiedies, & our lovely Greater Binghamton Community! TROML Baby (an exclamation of Joy & Gratitude)!!!

Late launch but launching tonight!

CLICK HERE for Pics of the Balloon Launch!!!

Saturday, Day 2, Part 2 of the 2019 Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally!

Lupo’s S&S Charpit Spiedies today! Met brothers Sam and Steve Lupo and Sam’s son Elliot who took the family corner grocery store that also had specialty meats like veal and lamb and made it into the Lupo’s of today! Now I know what the ‘S&S’ stands for! Sam gave credit to the Iacovelli Family for originating the notion of spiedies (marinated meat cooked on skewers)! The Lupo’s lamb spiedies were very tasty! So which spiedie marinade do you like the best- Lupo’s or Salimida’s???

Another big balloon launch in the evening once the weather cleared! So beautiful and inspiring! Takes you back to the Wizard of Oz with all things being possible even if only in our dreams! I love the intimacy of the gallery watching and the balloonists and their balloons and launch procedure! It’s like someone putting down a lawn chair in your living room (or parlor as we say in the Triple Cities) and watching all the household action up close and personal! The Signature Balloon this year is the yellow Saxophone!

CLICK HERE for Pics of the People of the 2019 Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally!!!

Binghamton’s own Tessa Victoria was sensational and the crowd loved her even as she played through a brief rainstorm! I met Tessa and her mother Tess and you don’t have to be a genius to see where her beauty comes from! The family once owned the local Pat Mitchell ice cream business! Now there is a scoop for you Kate Hogancamp Packer, suits and all!

The night’s headline act belonged to Hunter Hayes and like Tessa the crowd was present and loud in their approval between songs! Loved his hit single ‘One Good Reason!’

What a day! Morning Balloon Launch, Lupo’s Spiedies, Tessa Victoria, Evening Balloon Launch, and Peter Hayes! Then to top it off a policeman alerted a bunch of us that the Space Station was going to be passing overhead and there it was like a shooting star although slow enough to easily track its progress!

What an amazing day at the Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally! Lots more than ‘One Good Reason’ to come out tomorrow Sunday for the 3rd and final day!

We are talking Kansas, the band, not Dennis Berkholtz’s college stomping grounds! 4 pm! Morning and Evening Balloon Launches too!

With Ahmad… my fellow ‘Me Generation,’ folks; let’s make “Love for All; Hatred for None’ happen in our generation… let’s convert our ‘Me’ generation to the ‘Spiritual Me’ generation! TROML/SSS Baby (an exclamation of Joy & Gratitude)!!! — at Spiedie Fest.

Today’s Balloon Launch pics in their entirety!

Third & Final Day of the 2019 Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally! Balloons launched in the morning but not this evening due to high winds! Kansas rolled into town & put on a great concert as did local singer/songwriter Matthew Cornwell! And there were more spiedies to be consumed! Some pics from today & some balloons from yesterday! What a great event! We love Binghamton!

A total of ten Facebook posts with 179 pics and videos of spiedies, friends, balloons, and smiles!

We love Binghamton and the Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally! Thanks Saggy!