Timeline/History of Land Acquisition for the Ely Park Golf Course



100 Years Ago Today – May 3, 1919…   
An important real estate transaction developed yesterday when Prytherch and Thompson purchased Prospect Park comprising about seventy acres situated west of Ely Park. The land lies fairly level about 1,600 feet above sea level and commands charming views of hills and valleys for ten miles around in every direction. The advantages of Mount Prospect for homes is well known. It is above the fog line of the valley and enjoys almost continual breezes. The movement of the better classes is toward the highlands, where the air is pure and the noises of the city remote. Mount Prospect is by far the most accessible and attractive of the highlands about Binghamton. (Roger Luther, Facebook Group Broome County Hstory, 5-2-2019)
Roger Luther I believe the city bought some of the Prytherech property to expand the golf course from its original 9-hole Layout on S. Mills Ely land… in fact the original Prytherech home became its first clubhouse left of what is now the 3rd fairway! Includes the land & westwardly views of what is now the par-5 15th hole (old No. 13) with a double green). Correct Christine Pavlisak, Ray Linsky