What hole is this? Historic Routings and Hole Numbers!

What hole is this? Did you know some of the holes up at Ely Park had as many as six different numbers from earlier course routings. Well, that depends! Most of it know it as No. 2, the downhill short par-3 with the shoe or hourglass shaped green. But in the early days it was […]

Stone Shack on No. 5 Tee is Rebuilt! (Sept. 2014)

From Ray Linsky’s Facebook post on 9/28/14: Any of you Binghamtonians remember the stone shack at Ely Park Golf Course? We in the Parks Dept.finished rebuilding the roof structure about 2 weeks ago. Put it back the way it was built. Tongue and groove decking,each support beam was removed and copied and replaced one at […]

Ely Park: Rick Mauro, Ronnie Simkulet, Jim Seager, & Sir Charles Novitske (May 2008)

It’s an extraordinary time when you get four legends up to Ely Park Golf Course! Longtime golf pro Rick Mauro, Ronnie Simkulet, Jim Seager, and Sir Charles Novitske! That’s Sir Charles and me in front of the flag pole dedicated to my father Andrew C. Reistetter Sr who passed in 1993. Dad was the Ely […]

Ely Celebration No. 4 Honors Rick Mauro, Bob Steiner, Ron Simkulet, & Andy Reistetter Sr.

The fourth Ely Park Celebration was held at 10 am on Friday, August 4th up at Ely Park on the practice putting green. Long time Ely Park golf professionals Rick Mauro and Bob Steiner were present and honored for their contributions and legacies that date back to the early 1980s. Rick and Bob, along with […]