Owego’s Strawberry Festival; Tour of the Elks Mansion by the Exalted Ruler; Oh-We-Go!!!

THIS weekend was the Owego Strawberry Festival… following the Greek Festival and the Italian Feast… I am loving my summer stay in my hometown of Binghamton, New York! Four stages, countless bands, people watching (love the last pic!), and STRAWBERRIES Galore! For $18 I had two strawberry shortcakes (another celebratory slip on my healthy eating), one with ice cream, both with whipped cream, a strawberry cooler, and a strawberry daiquiri with alcohol (rum), both with whipped cream! No wonder I am whipped tonight! And I thought Florida was an inexpensive place to live! Great tour of the historic Elks Mansion, clubhouse, & meeting place from the Exalted Ruler Steve Gregory! Great organization! And Lupos Spiedies, months ahead of the DSGO! “Oh we go (Owego)” places! Strawberry Fields Forever! Next weekend…

(Andy Reistetter; 6/15/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)


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