Our Friend Ricky Mauro… to know him is to love him!

Our Friend Ricky Mauro… to know him is to love him!

Thoughts & Prayers, PLEASE, for my dear friend Rick Mauro on this his birthday! Challenged with an extremely serious health issue, he is dealing with it in a courageous, spiritual, and determined manner. I pray for his health and well-being with gratitude for all his care-givers these past eight years. He already defeated colon cancer and now he will walk again and hopefully even swing a golf club. An Ely Park Legend, the head golf professional for 17 years, and only golfer I know of, amateur or professional, here or around the world, to go EAGLE-EAGLE-ACE! Happy Birthday Ricky! God Bless Ricky Mauro, everyone’s friends!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post; 7-14-17)


Great to spend the afternoon visiting with my good friend. Rick Mauro. A year older & No. 1 on the BCHS golf team he was the guy I looked up to (even though he was shorter than me, see pic). Even more so these days as Rick is a courageous cancer survivor. Best guy you will ever meet, Rick has done a lot for junior golfers, especially the underprivileged, up at Ely Park. The Ben Crenshaw of BCHS, he never missed a putt, now I know why… he was the Front Street Miniature Golf Course Champion before he came up to Ely to dominate with a full swing too! Only guy I know, professional golfers included, to follow 2 eagles with an ace, any where, any time… he did it up at Ely Park in a tournament on old Nos. 15 & 16 & the par 3 over the gully… Next visit Rick, I look forward to stroking a few too!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 17 Pics; 7-19-16)

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