BCHS 40th Reunion Program: Giving Service Now for the Future…

BCHS 40th Reunion Program: Giving Service Now for the Future…

Goals of researching, producing and sharing a unique, entertaining & meaningful Reunion Program:

  1. 8 640 BCHSEmbrace & display the full impact of community, school, faith, family & friends during our childhood.
  2. Partner with BHS leadership, students & the community to give service now for the future.
  3. Focus on our high school years extracting the inspiration in a positive manner to share.
  4. Showcase the talents, accomplishments & unique BCHS heritage during the last 40 years.
  5. Target audience is current high school students.
  6. Full video production with local television audience.
  7. Fundraiser for BHS, including ticket & advertising sales; participation on a volunteer basis only.


  • Planning Service Force (overall project management) with creative teams (Reunion Program elements).


Research & pre-produce Reunion Program features throughout the school year.

First edition of Reunion Program for students towards end of school year.

Reunion Program during BCHS 40th Reunion Weekend (Summer 2017)

Creative Guidelines:

11 class of 77Created with an all-inclusive perspective with no direct promotion of any one element.

Explicit promotional references to Politics, Sex, & Religion to be avoided.

No discrimination due to sex, sexual orientation, race, color, pregnancy, religion, national origin, age or disability.

Focus on overcoming personal childhood challenges & finding one’s own unique contributions.

Creative Elements of Reunion Program (Brainstorm List Only, no specific order):

  1. Variety Show format with host, onstage band, talk segments, participation segments and pre-produced features.
  2. Share/contrast/similarities current year 2017 class versus 1977 class.
  3. Yearbook Inscriptions- inspirational, foretelling, entertaining/funny.
  4. Individual talents.
  5. Feature stories, 5-7 minute videos, research & produce, senior curriculum projects?
  6. Talk Segments- students, teachers, community members with ties to BCHS Class of 1977
  7. Talk Segments with individual Class of 1977 members- Sports, Clubs, Marching Band
  8. Picture Show feature- Oscars-like Remembrance of faculty, classmates, etc.
  9. Top-10 throughout the show- nostalgia

9 Binghamton10. SNL Jeopardy

11. Features on students, teachers, community members with ties to BCHS Class of 1977

12. Time Warp- BHS 2017 vs. BCHS 1977

13. Special Class Friendships if both parties willing to share

14. Previous Class of 1977 Reunions- annually for a while, then 11th & 20th?

15. Yearbook- “I’ll Remember You Always” 40 years later. Do we? Pop Quiz?

16. Yearbook Pictures- interesting, unusual foretelling of changes in next 40 years- 2 girls on boys swim team, etc…

17. BHS tour, then and now.

18. Yearbook Advertisers, how many still exist, feature new ones?

19. Talent, musical performances

20. Greater Binghamton promotion, then & now & the future

21. Live telethon segment with call-in participation with every donation made.

1 Pic BHS22. Sketches, stunts, and desk talk…

23. Opening welcome by host, then a comedian looking back?

24. Announcer/Sidekick “From the BHS Stage, in the heart of Binghamton, New York, it’s The BCHS 40th Reunion Program: Giving Service Now for the Future…

25. Variety Show: stage to radio to television to BHS 2017 Stage- Giving Service Now for the Future

Next Steps:

  • Partnership with BHS is critical… GO/NO GO decision date?
  • Approach local television stations.
  • Approach local advertisers.
  • Communicate to Class of 1977 members seeking support & participation.
  • Establish ongoing Planning Service Force (overall project management).
  • Form creative teams (Reunion Program elements), begin Pre-Production..
  • Schedule First Edition & Live Reunion Program.