B. C. Public Library Presentation: Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire by Lynda Carroll

Interesting & informative lecture by Lynda Carroll on the archaeology of the Ottoman Empire! One & half hours went by like 5-10 minutes! The Ottoman Empire & the Habsburg/Austro-Hungarian Empire were the main reasons my grandparents emigrated here from CzechoSlovakia in the early 1900s. Coincidence or destiny that I am in my hometown of Binghamton, NY where they emigrated to? Educated like never before! Feels good to know a little more about how they must have felt! Lynda is an energetic & amazing speaker. Easy to tell she is good at what she does & loves it too! Thanks Lynda! Thank you to Dr. Tim Bridgman for organizing this series! Next Thursday at 6 pm Tim will be educating is on whether or not the Romans ever set foot in Ireland! See you there! (Andy Reistetter; 5/30/19; Facebook Post with 18 Pics).