Downtown Binghamton’s Martini Walk & Sip has Twenty-One Stops!

Another spectacular & memorable day in Downtown Binghamton with the Martini Walk & Sip! Did all 21 stops although “The Loft at 99” had to withdraw so there was a net 20 stops in 5 hours (15 minutes per including in between walking)! A few years ago I happened to be driving through downtown and saw a lot of people walking and having fun. Since then I have always wanted to do it! Too young for the Clinton Street bar run so this is the modern day, more sophisticated version! Greater Binghamton is really an upscale area!

By happenstance I met the original foursome—Michael, Darlene, Cathy, & Joe—who started this 7 years ago and haven’t missed a sip yet! Best I could tell they left work early to release some steam and stopped at 10 places! Likely was full-sized martinis so who knows if they ever went back to work after that!


Highlights from this afternoon showcasing the variety, creativity, & beauty of the host venues in no particular order… FROZEN passion fruit jalapeno martini at Dos Rios Cantina… blue-COLORED Spotlight martini… BASEMENT drinking at Sake-Tumi… FREE BUFFET at Thai Time… scary HALLOWEEN theme at Amici… the Marconi Tower by the Lackawana train station renamed the MARTINI Tower (just a thought for next year along with a creative Martini Walk & Sip T-Shirt contest)… first MARTINI plastic glasses at Spotlight… real Martini GLASSES at Amici and Remliks… slice of PIZZA and tasty tropical martini at Little Venice…

FULL-SIZE martini (working reporter here on assignment!) at The Garage—Molly’s BIG Martini… COFFEE BEAN in the mocha chocolata ya-ya martini at Lost Dog Cafe… SECRET OPENING at 205 Dry on State Street… WEDDING PARTY at River Bistro (think they met in the early afternoon on the Martini Walk but where did they get the clothes so quickly… GUMMY BEAR in the martini at Burger Mondays… and chased down the 20 martini sips with a fantastic chicken spiedie CHEESESTEAK (my first ever!) at South City Publick House and a shameful Summer S’more MILKSHAKE at Craft…

What a day!

We Love Binghamton (and 20 different sips of martinis)!!!

(Andy Reistetter; 7/20/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)