First Three Ely Park Celebrations Recognize Twelve Honorees…

This is the title of Andy Reistetter's book on Ely Park.

This is the title of Andy Reistetter’s book on Ely Park.

Three ‘Ely Park Celebrations’ have been held to honor the people who have significantly contributed to the legacy of Ely Park.

The first ‘Ely Park Celebration’ honored longtime Ely Park Head Golf Professional/Golf Superintendent/General Manager (in those days he did all three jobs) Steve Vaskovic and two sons of Ely Park- professional golfer Al Morley and amateur golfer Mike Popik. All three honorees were living at the time and participated in the celebratory event up at Ely Park.

The second ‘Ely Park Celebration’ honored Ely Park’s golf course designed and first Head Golf Professional Ernie Smith, and two long time members, amateurs Walt Kozak and Bob ‘Bert’ Kollar.

The most recent ‘Ely Park Celebration’ honored one of Ely Parks first caddies, long time Golf Professional and successful golfer Al Vaskovic (younger brother of Steve); lifetime member of the PGA of America, member of the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame and accomplished golfer Ed Nosewicz; legend, 1969 club champion and creative writer, Bob ‘the Bear & the Barracuda’ Marachek: and three guys who played Ely Park every Sunday since 1948 (57 years at the time)- Joe Gomulka and ‘Hammer & Nails’ John Hammer and Joe Kovarik.

If you would like to nominate someone to be an Ely Park Honoree at our next ‘Ely Park Celebration’ please contact with supporting information, documents and pictures if you have them.

The Twelve Honorees to date:

Joe Gomulka

John Hammer

Walt Kozak

Bob ‘Bert’ Kollar

Joe Kovarik

Bob Marachek

Al Morley

Ed Nosewicz

Mike Popik

Ernie Smith

Al Vaskovic

Steve Vaskovic