Another Great PAST Event: The 30th Annual Garden Tour Meandering through Maine, N.Y….

What a great PAST event; the 30th Annual Garden Tour Meandering through Maine, NY! So many great ideas to start my own garden! In fact I already started planting! Heddy in her Hideaway Haven gave everyone a free plant & as many daffodil bulbs as you wanted! Thank you to all 7 wonderful host homes that opened up their homes! All the gardens were so beautiful & so in bloom! One thing I did notice was that all 7 had some sort of garden house, shed, or barn! Looks like I will have to redo the site plan for ‘Close to Heaven!’ Great organization, join PAST! Also just saying that my friend Stan’s house was on the tour & his wife Sue was the perfect host! Where was Stan??? Out golfing! Talk about lucking out & marrying the right woman! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)! (Andy Reistetter; 6/8/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)