Visit Binghamton’s Zoo at Ross Park; Another Hometown Treasure & Favorite!!!

Another incredible treasure in my hometown of Binghamton, NY! Can you tell I am loving the Summer of 2019! So much fun spending a few hours saying hello to God’s wonderful creatures! So close and such an intimate setting they are like pets! My favorites were the Johnny Hart’s dinosaur, the nubian goat who picture posed for me, the red panda (of course!), the turtle chomping on the grass, the cougar (not sure if a lady cougar?), the Amazon parrot, the coyotes, the sleepy Amur leopard, the African penguins, the dwarf caiman (a Florida alligator to me!), the green aracari, and of course the free merry-go-round (carousel)! Admission cost? $4, what a deal on (half-price) day, thank you Magic 101.7 FM 102.5 The Vault Day at the Zoo! Much gratitude to the Southern Tier Zoological Society and the City of Binghamton for preserving and enhancing this childhood memory of mine! Hey what happened to the helicopter ride? TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY) (Andy Reistetter; 6/29/19; Facebook Post with 31 Pics)